Gymfinity waiver form

Gymfinity Waiver Form

At Gymfinity we are required by law and governing bodies such as British Gymnastics to collect sensitive information and to make you aware of privacy policies surrounding you children and the activities we provide as part of our services.

We have created this Gymfinity waiver to allow you understand all of the policies that we mentioned above. An example is when we are taking promotional photographs or shooting promotional video. While we may be focusing on a particular child another child may appear in a background activity. While this is simple enough to understand we are obliged to let you know that it may occur and you can choose to ensure that does not happen by informing us of your wishes and we will let you know when we are filming so you may avoid that time.

The Gymfinity waiver form also explains the circumstances that will occur in the event of an injury, while injuries, we are pleased to say are rare, they do happen. The coaches and management are capable of dealing with gymnastics small injuries such as fall bumps and twists. We endeavour through the programs from the first day in the gym until they are experienced to warm up, work on conditioning and follow all coaches instruction and lead.

We are required again by law to inform you of the above and explain, that while experienced and trained we are not medical professionals and gymnastics activities do carry an element of risk. While we doing everything in our power to prevent injuries, if they do occur and we feel they need further attention we need to be able to  contact a parent or guardian who can come to the gym quickly

The Gymfinity kids waiver form is used to cover holiday camps , trials and  special activities. Normal gymnastic classes are already covered by the waivers signed and agreed either in a paper or electronic form.

It is essential that the form is read and understood and for holiday camps we cannot admit entry without the form being signed. Birthday Parties attendees also need to sign the waiver, this can be difficult with the number of waivers that the party organiser needs to have signed.

To assist the process of signing the forms we have two methods for you to attain the waiver. The first is via the website here at this link download Gymfinity  form. The second is to ask for it via email, text or collect from the gym and sign on the day

The Gymfinity waiver form is a PDF and you will need to have a reader capable of opening the document before printing it. A free reader is available fro Adobe for PC or Mac and can be found here Adobe Reader Free

We hope this information helps to explain why we need a waiver and when it is used. We hold the data under our data protection policy procedures and the paper version is then scanned to a secure folder on our servers.

Should you have any questions regarding the Gymfinity Waiver form please contact us at